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Learn About "Farmer Dave" Blume

Meet the head farmer, chef, scientist, inventor, innovator and pretty-okay-at-dancing founder of Whiskey Hill Farms, David Blume.

Learn America's Hidden History
of Agriculture-Based Fuels

Did you know the first cars and tractors all ran on alcohol fuel? There weren't even any gas stations yet! With "Alcohol Can Be A Gas!", there is no limit to the regenerative agriculture revolution to keep combustion-engine vehicles on the road.

Education at Whiskey Hill Farms

In addition to regenerative agriculture training and experiences and a 3-day class on making alcohol in our plant, many seasonal one-day workshops are offered at Whiskey Hill Farms, including:


Tomato sauce canning

Kimchi fermentation

Year-round garden planning

Seeding for your home garden

Organic pest control

Wildlife habitat construction

Strawbale tiny house construction


Tomato growing

Salad mix for your home garden

Growing wasabi at home

Growing turmeric, galangal, and ginger at home

Compost heat to electricity

Goats on the farm

Ducks on the farm

Drip irrigation workshop

Weed control

Alcohol production


Asian vegetable cooking

Grafting trees

Grafting vegetable plants


Driving a tractor experience

Corn feast

Hoes Down Festival

Farmer Dave's Regenerative
Agriculture Secrets - ONLINE COURSE

Currently in development, an in-depth regenerative agriculture, farming, permaculture, and sensibilities course to help current and future farmers naturally maximize yields.

Three-Day Alcohol Fuel Intensive
ONSITE at Whiskey Hill Farms

Learn exactly how to make alcohol fuel and build your own community fuel system including feedstocks, mechanics, methadology, and practice operating a working ethanol distillery.